WiN Chapter Events

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2014 Fem'Energia Award 2014-11-10 Anne-Marie Birac 0
The Fem'Energia awards has been created in 2009 jointly by EDF and WiN France.
Through this Awards EDF, WiN France and WiN Europe aim to provide encouragement and guidance to young women
involved in the nuclear industry.
The award ceremony was the occasion for the 18 nominees to express their dynamism and their commitment to nuclear activities.
Among the the five categories (from high school to professional women), one concerns the professional women working in the nuclear industry in Europe.

The winner is Marina Soksic-Kostic (NUKEM Technologies GmbH).
The second prize: Laura Proctor (ITER Atkins Energy)
The third prize: Betty Bonnardel-Azzarelli (The World Nuclear Transport Institute -WNTI- London).